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Cooking in Heels

Do you like cooking authentic meals that have an abundance of flavor? “Cooking in Heels” could be the perfect book to fit your cooking style and taste. The author has created up to forty amazing southern-style dishes that have a bold Carribean-style twist to the flavors. It was made to blend the best of both...More Please

Sex Work Harm Reduction

In the sex work community, there are a lot of issues around safety and discrimination. The sex work community overlaps with the highly drug-affected communities in many ways, which has inspired this project to become a reality to save the lives of many people. Harm reduction in highly populated drug and sex work communities can change...More Please

NYC Trafficking

The Human Trafficking Intervention Courts is an institution created by the New York Court System in late 2013. The scheme’s goal is to help victims of sex trafficking access medical services, mental health support and expert legal advice with the intent of prosecuting their abusers and bringing the perpetrators of trafficking to justice.  Red Umbrella...More Please