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Cam Girl Names— A Guide on How to Make One for Yourself


Cam Girl Names and How to Choose One for Your Own

So, you’ve made up your mind about working as a cam girl; got yourself all the necessary equipment to start doing shows, and you’ve probably chosen the perfect cam site where you’ll be performing regularly.

The next step you have to take now is creating your cam girl name. The handle you use as a professional live cam site model is one of the most important things to consider when starting your business.

You will learn the ins and outs of how to properly craft your cam model name and, more importantly, help you build your online persona. So, let’s go ahead and talk about the first thing to think about when it comes to cam girl names.

More than a Name

First and foremost, you’re not just creating a cam girl name here; you’re building your own brand. As such, you’re going to want something that’s easy to remember, has a nice ring to it that hooks viewers seeing you for the first time, and one that fits your persona.

This isn’t just the words that will appear whenever someone keys in your name in the search bar, after all; this is about making your image synonymous with what you have to offer.

To start things off, you’re going to need to consider a couple of elements before coming up you’re your list of cam girl names: your handle (your stage name, so to speak) and your preferred cam girl persona (or the character you play when you’re on the job).

Your Cam Girl Name—The Handle

There isn’t a hard and fast rule when it comes to choosing how people—especially your viewers and fans— should call you. However, it’s best that your cam girl name immediately gives anyone who sees it an initial idea of what they’re in for.

In other words, your cam girl name should reveal what type of shows (or live cam site genre) you provide for your viewers at the very least. This gives you an edge over an otherwise generic sexy name like, say, Katie CamShow or Erika Porn.

Take myself, for example: when I started out, I wanted to go into the riot grrl, emo, and pixie girl subgenres, since that’s close to my personality and my physical characteristics. So, I wanted something that’s got a tongue-in-cheek vibe to it, hence my cam girl name: ChocoButter.

So, what’s in a stage persona anyway?

Stage Persona— The Cam Girl Name’s Core

Your stage persona—or the character you play when you’re online— is important in that it lets you determine what kind of cam girl you are. Specifically speaking, you’re looking at which particular category or niche you belong to.

Here are some of the most popular live sex show niches that you could check out. Of course, I’m also going to give you some category-appropriate naming tips when coming up with your cam model handle.

Headless Cam Girls

Headless cam girls are models who go live and perform their shows without revealing their faces. You’ll mostly find that performers who belong in this category only shoot themselves from the neck down. At best, headless cam girls wear masks in order to preserve their identity.

Reasons for becoming a headless cam girl vary from one model to another, and that’s a topic for another time. What I’ll tell you, though, is that this is one of the easiest cam site categories to come up with a name for.

Headless cam girls thrive due to the air of mystery that their faces hide, so it’s only right that you come up with a cam girl name that equally matches that enigmatic vibe you’re giving off.

To give you an idea, headless cam girls usually use a feminine title for their first name, followed by any generic female name. Here are a few examples below:

  • Miss Trixie
  • Mizz Liv
  • Lady Brooke
  • Lady Zara
  • Mistress Jaye
  • Madame Pleasure

Asian Cam Girls

Asian cam girls are as they’re described: they’re live cam show performers of Asian descent. Of course, not all Asian cam girls are located in that continent; they’re all over the world.

And that’s one of the reasons why it gets tricky to come up with Asian cam girl names: there just too many pitfalls and PC landmines you could step on that will have you cancelled faster than you can say “Joss Whedon”.

But taking that risk, you could come up with authentically Asian cam girl names on your own not unlike how popular porn stars Mi Ha Doan or Alina Li does it.

Another alternative—and one that puts you at less a risk of being called out by the PC police— is crafting your cam girl name using the combination of a generic female name and an object found in Asia. Here are a few samples to inspire you:

  • Sakura Skye
  • Lil Mochi
  • Alisa Kyoto
  • Manila Bliss
  • Vivica Zen

Teen Cam Girls and Petite Cam Girls

Teen cam girls are models that are on the younger side of the spectrum. Petite cam girls, on the other hand, are performers that are on the shorter side. I decided to place the two categories in one entry here because both of them share similar naming conventions when it comes to coming up with their sex cam persona.

Teen and petite cam girls almost always go for bubblier and youthful-sounding handles. Check a few ones I came up with below:

  • Lily Innocent
  • Becky B.
  • Maya Bubbles
  • Tina Wonder
  • Chloe Cumz

BDSM and Dominatrix Cam Girls

The BDSM and dominatrix subgenres aren’t as far out as you think. On the contrary, it’s become one of the most popular cam girl categories around. And being on-brand, you should expect that many cam girls performing in this genre have names that carry with them an air of authority and power.

We’ve noticed how BDSM and dominatrix cam girls go with names that sound “hard”. To be clear, you’re going to want to use very prominent consonants in your naming convention here. Feel free to look at these examples to help you:

  • Lady Contessa
  • Madame X
  • Terra Whips
  • Deanna Spike
  • Vera Powers

Cosplay Cam Girls

The cosplay subgenre in the cam model industry—and porn in general—has become arguably the most popular today, thanks mostly to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the whole comic book movie craze we’re in right now.

For the most part, you’re going to find that a lot of cam girls who belong to this niche derive their names from Japanese terms. It’s not surprising, really, considering that it’s the birthplace of cosplay. Additionally, it’s commonplace for cosplay cam girls to take on weeaboo personas and rip their name straight off a manga or anime character.

Lastly, co-play cam girls usually go for names that have a fun sound, not unlike how petite and teen camgirl-naming conventions do.

Here are some templates that will provide you with a clearer picture:

  • NyanNyanNeko
  • Sakura69
  • Tsunade-Chan
  • Kuro ChinChin
  • Queen Asuna

Non-Persona Cam Girl Names

Of course, nothing’s stopping you from coming up with a cam girl name that you could apply to any given cam site category. As I said, the ones I gave you are just naming conventions, which means you could easily stray away from them whenever you feel like it.

However, there is a single mistake that you should absolutely AVOID at all costs when coming up with your cam girl name. And that is…

DO NOT Use Your Real Name

I’m pretty sure you already know to separate your life as a cam girl and your personal affairs. And it’s not just about keeping your job from your friends and family; it’s more about safety.

As fun as the cam girl experience might be, don’t forget that it could be very dangerous one. There are a lot of creeps out there who might stalk you, steal your information, or worse!

So, don’t use your birth name—that much is a given. Moreover, don’t come up with a lazy cam girl name that could easily be traced back to your real name like, say, if your name was Vivian Steinfeld and you started using the cam girl name Vivian S.

Simply put, veer away from your real name as much as possible.


Building your brand as a cam girl requires that you properly hit the target audience you want, and it all starts with the name you use.

Crafting your cam girl name based on the cam model persona you want to adopt lets you attract the right kind of audiences for your shows, which then increases your chances of building a solid fan base.

Sure, generic “sexy” names are always an option, but I think you’re going to find that attracting the right people to your shows is way better than having a trove of random viewers that don’t share the same interests as you.

So, why get generic when you can be precise, right? Good luck!



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