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Red Umbrella Project Memoir Writing Workshops


If you have experience in the sex trade, you will benefit from the Red Umbrella Project Memoir writing workshops. You get to learn different things such as:

  • Learning how to write whether at home or in a classroom setting
  • Building confidence and skills in writing
  • A platform to share stories and get feedback from other attendees
  • An opportunity to publish in the Prose and Lore journal, which comes out on an annual basis
  • A chance to read your stories at the page-to-stage Workshops once you complete the Memoir Writing Workshops

Contact us for additional information if there is an area that is of particular interest to you.

Drop-In Workshops

The drop-in workshops are an excellent place to interact with people who have experience in the sex trade. It operates on a peer space basis, and you get to learn, hear, and share stories with similar individuals.

Former graduates of the Memoir writing workshops, some of whom are sex workers, lead the sessions. You can get additional information on venues and timelines by clicking here or visiting our website.

Writers Living Outside Of New York City

You may not have an opportunity to attend any of the Memoir writing workshop sessions because you live outside New York City. You can, however, still publish in the Prose and Lore Journal.

Find more information on where to send your submissions by clicking here.

Final Draft Workshop

Our final draft workshops are an excellent opportunity for you to realize your dream of publishing or performing a story. We run the Workshops in partnership with other organizations or groups.

Click here for more information on how you can become a participant.

8-Week Memoir Workshop

The 8-week Memoir workshop gives participants publishing opportunities in the journal. You may also become a participant in our podcast.

Click here for more information on how you can participate.



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