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The 10 Best Escort Sites and Directories for 2022


Porn always ends with a money shot; meeting and chatting with people on online hookup sites is such a chore; and live cam sex shows are just too detached. What’s a guy to do?

Well, thankfully, a lot of people working the oldest profession in the world have upped their game and taken things to the cloud. By that, we mean you’re not just able to hire any old stranger online today; you get something better: some of the finest companions you can meet and hire from the best escort sites around today.

Having said that, we’re about to give you the lowdown on the best escort websites that you should check out right now if you want to have a good time with a fancy, hot professional lady of the night!

Find out all about them below!

How We Chose the Best Escort Sites

There are hundreds of available hookup and escort sites out there, but only the best made our list. Here’s how we came to decide which ones made it:

Site Traffic – Does the site have a userbase large enough for you to have great options to choose from but not so huge that you’re bombarded by profiles and DMs while you’re on the escort site?

User Quality – Just because there’s a lot of users on a site doesn’t mean they’re all legit. A respectable escort site has little to no trolls and scammers trying to catfish an unsuspecting john or jane!

Subcategories – Not all escorts are created equal, so there’s got to be some variety among your options. A great escort site will have professionals that range from vanilla types of affairs working more or less part-time in the biz to more exotic choices from some of the most well-rounded and experienced professional companions working today.

Site Interface – There’s no use having a great roster of hot escorts if you can’t even navigate how to access them on any given site. So, the more user-friendly it is, the better!

Reviews and Rep – Nothing gives you telltale signs of whether an escort site is great or not better than the reviews and opinions that its users say about it.  We’ve looked at many other escort site reviews, including pleasure-seeker.com, datingnews, and eastbayexpress.

First Look at the Best Escort Sites

  1. Slixa — an escort site that’s easy to use
  2. Listcrawler— contains a large escort directory
  3. Skip the Games—great escort site for major locations
  4. EscortDirectory.com — a flexible and reasonably priced escort site
  5. Adult Friend Finder— best free escort site today
  6. Ashley Madison— best escort site for discreet hookups

The Best Escort Sites Reviewed

1. Adult Friend Finder— Social Media Platform for Sex


  • Largest userbase around right now
  • Active community for different kinks
  • Great, helpful articles and guides


  • Lots of dummy and fake accounts
  • Sheer number of users is overwhelming
  • Not an exclusive escort site

Adult Friend Finder is pretty much the superstore for online hookups; they have everything you might want. From casual flings to one-night stands to large consensual gatherings, chances are you’re going to find them here. As such, this is one site that’s rife with one of the largest selection online escorts.

With arguably the largest userbase among all online dating sites, and given that they have categories up the wazoo, there’s absolutely no shortage of escorts for you to choose from, whether you’re looking for online escort services who have years of experience in the biz or amateurs doing their thing part-time.

And aside from having a more than decent search engine, you’re going to like how the users themselves have made each of their own little communities within this platform to make things easier for one another.

Additionally, AFF also provides you with lots of supplementary materials like guides and articles on how to go about finding the right escort (if you’re a john/jane) for you or how to grow your business (if you’re new to the industry). All in all, you can simply say that this is the kind of escort site where you come for the large userbase and stay for the amazing community.

2. Listcrawler— Large Escort Directory


  • Exclusively made for escorts and clients
  • Efficient search filter
  • Lots of escort ads to choose from


  • No chat features available
  • Only available in U.S. and U.K.
  • Occasional fake ad

Listcrawler is the go-to escort site for clients and online professionals to hawk their wares via ads. Think of this as Craigslist, except with listings exclusively catering to escorts and their clientele: nothing more, nothing less. So, it hits all the right buttons if you’re looking for a laser-focused, no-nonsense escort site.

Now, this is rather limited when it comes to its features, as its primary—and only— offering is how it’s able to post ads that either provide escort services or if you’re looking for one. That means you’re not getting additional stuff here, like chat features or the ability to send “gifts” or emojis to your prospective escort.

On the other hand, they have a pretty nifty search filter that bases your queries on your location, which makes the site a handy platform if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to find local online ladies and hunks for hire in your area.

However, Listcrawler is by no means a large escort site: it’s only available in the U.S.A. and United Kingdom. It’s a bummer, but let’s just hope it becomes more widely available in the future.

3. Ashley Madison—Best Escort Site for Discreet Hookups


  • Site and app available worldwide
  • Lots of escorts available here
  • Free to use basic membership


  • Not a lot of teen escorts
  • Escort rates vary depending on model
  • 100% not for serious relationships

As a great man once said, “there are just some things you can’t do with your wife that you can with an escort,” and that’s probably one of the reasons why Ashley Madison remains one of the most popular choices for escorts and their clientele to chat and connect.

Make no mistake, though: Ashley Madison isn’t exclusively an escort site; it’s more of an adult hookup platform that’s almost exclusively designed for people in relationships who want to have some naughty extramarital fun on the side.

As such, you’re going to find that the selection of escorts on Ashley Madison are either married people moonlighting as escorts and singles who provide services primarily to a customer base made up of married individuals.

Given that, let’s just say that you’re not going to find the escort pickings to be slim here; there’s something for everyone. And better yet, Ashley Madison makes it totally convenient for you to not just chat and negotiate with these professional pleasure providers, but also give you tools to keep things happening in the platform STAY in the platform.

Like we said, this is a site designed for people to cheat on their partners, so discretion is gold here. Plus, Ashley Madison is available for free on your desktop or as an app, although if you want to access all the features on this hot escort site, you’re going to need to upgrade for a paid membership.

4. Skip the Games— Great Escort Site for Major Locations


  • Escorts available in all genders
  • Also searches for massage parlors
  • Very efficient search tool
  • Little to no fake accounts here
  • Very convenient and intuitive interface


  • Only available in major cities

Skip the Games doesn’t fool around, as per its name’s suggestion: it’s a site that’s purely dedicated to connecting escorts with their prospective clients in a platform that’s convenient and effective.

First of all, the site is very user-friendly, so even the most technologically inept user can log on to it and find the right escort they want to spend their days and nights with. Then, there’s the fact that Skip the Games provides its users with a high level of privacy, so what happens on this app is simply between you and your chosen escort.

Additionally, this isn’t just a site that lets you meet, chat, and rent an escort; it’s also a great platform to use in locating nearby naughty massage parlors that give you a bit of extra services with your massage.

However, Skip the Games is only designed—at least, as of now— to be used in major cities like New York or L.A., so accessibility is quite an issue here. If you’re living in Boise, Idaho, you’re probably not going to find this site useful. 

5. WellHello— A Flexible and Reasonably Priced Escort Site


  • Great pricing options to choose from
  • Very easy to use site interface
  • Lots of escorts to choose from


  • Relatively small overall userbase
  • Matchmaking feature isn’t precise
  • Not exclusively an escort site

WellHello is one of those budding online hookup apps that’s become more popular as a platform where escorts and their clients meet and connect with one another than it is an adult dating hub. That’s not a knock against it, though: it’s great that you can visit an app like this where the chances of finding the right professional for your needs can be accomplished with a simple tap of the screen.

Much like other dating apps, such as Tinder or Bumble, WellHello makes use of a pairing algorithm to match you with the right partner according to your preferences and location. On one hand, it’s convenient that you can easily find available local partners in your area.

But on the other hand, since WellHello isn’t necessarily an escort site and there’s no option within their pairing system that asks you if you’re looking for this type of service exclusively, matching with an escort is pretty much like flipping a coin: it’s all hit or miss.

However, you can always opt to browse other user profiles available on the app and find someone who’s a bona fide professional escort. And given that they have a user interface that’s easy to use along with a serviceable search tool, looking for your chosen professional to hire shouldn’t be too much of a hassle!

6. Slixa.com— An Escort Site That’s Easy to Use


  • A respectable, large userbase
  • Great chat features included
  • Decent search tool


  • Not exclusively for escort dating
  • Pairing system is inefficient
  • Lots of random accounts floating

Though not as popular as other escort sites, Slixa boasts a relatively large and active userbase. So, this can definitely help increase your batting average.

Granted, Slixa —much like the social media site that it gets its name from— contains a mishmash of users that range from legit hookup hunters and escorts to the always-annoying troll account, so be wary of that when you create an account with this site.

As with other escort sites, there’s a pairing algorithm in place here, but it suffers from the same flaws: using their pairing system will just deliver you some random john or jane who might not either be an escort (if you’re looking for one) or a prospective client (if you are one).

What makes this a great escort site, though, is its amazingly intuitive and efficient chat messaging feature, which mimics Slixa’s private messaging system almost down to the letter. That means you can do a whole lot of other stuff aside from chat with your partner; you can send and receive photos and videos here as well, among other things.

7. Tryst.link — Best Escort Site for Independent Call Girls


  • Nearly 100% escort hookup rate
  • Exclusively designed for escort services
  • All legitimate users in here

Tryst is the best escort site for you to use if you’re tired of striking out with other escorts on other platforms and—this is probably the most important thing to have on this site— you have lots of cash to burn. In fact, it doesn’t even matter if you don’t belong to the former. As long as you have the money, you’re most likely getting a professional companion on this site.

That’s because Tryst is more or less an exclusive escort site. 

As such, the users here are exclusively made up of some of the most enticing prospects that you can’t simply find anywhere else on the internet, and they’d be more than happy to provide you with their services.

Given that Tryst dating is traditionally made up of an older man and a younger woman, you’re also going to find that Tryst has some of the best selection of teen (18+, mind you. Let’s keep things legal) escorts that you can chat and connect with on this site.

Now, female members—or potential escorts/sugar babies—are allowed to create a free account on this site. On the other hand, male members—the clients/sugar daddies— don’t have that option: they can only opt for a paid monthly membership right out the gate.

Escort Site FAQs

What’s an escort?

An escort, simply speaking, is a sex worker or prostitute who provides the usual sexual services, but also provide their clients with additional benefits like extended rental periods and non-sexual companionship, too.

Generally speaking, escorts are hired for the services they offer in bed. However, there are instances where you can simply rent them for companionship sans any intercourse or sexual activity (i.e., as a date for social functions, gatherings, etc.)

Are escorts different from prostitutes?

Yes and no. Escorts, to be specific, are a subcategory of prostitutes/sex workers, in which case they belong to one and the same group. However, escorts distinguish themselves by allowing their clients to hire them for longer periods of time—whereas the longest you can hire a regular sex worker is around 4 hours or so— that can last anywhere between 12 hours to several weeks.

In addition, escorts also offer sex-free companionship, so that’s an option you can go for if you’re just looking for someone to be with, without the need for any sexual activities.

Are escorts expensive?

Much like regular prostitutes and sex workers, escort services rates vary depending on the person providing the services themselves. There are high-end escorts that demand lots of money, while there are also more affordable options for you.

These rates are determined by a variety of factors, such as length of rental time; the experience and popularity of the escort; and the escort’s discretion itself.

What’s the best escort site?

Based on our research, the best escort sites are: Tryst, Adult Friend Finder, and Ashley Madison.

Tryst provides you with a 100% success rate to hire an escort regardless of whatever kink or fetish you have as long as you have the money to pay for them.

Adult Friend Finder has the largest and most active community around, with escorts of varying rates and popularity to choose from.

Lastly, Ashley Madison is the kind of escort site that’s perfect if you really want to get naughty without getting caught. It has great privacy features and some of the hottest escorts around to boot!

Best Escort Sites Conclusion

With these escort sites, finding the right kind of companion—whether you just want to go out on a date or a social function, or you want to get down to business with them— has become easier than ever.

We’ve provided you with a variety of options that range from great hookup sites that equally work—if not better— as escort sites as well as platforms designed exclusively for escorts and clients to meet online and get into business with one another.

Hey, the world might be a cold and dark place, but maybe it can get a little warmer and brighter with the help of a hot escort beside you.

Enjoy, guys and gals!



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