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Cooking in Heels


Do you like cooking authentic meals that have an abundance of flavor? “Cooking in Heels” could be the perfect book to fit your cooking style and taste. The author has created up to forty amazing southern-style dishes that have a bold Carribean-style twist to the flavors. It was made to blend the best of both worlds into a first-class dish that is jam-packed to the brim with flavor. If this type of flavor sparks your interest, then you should definitely purchase the book, whether it is in print or e-book option.

This particular cookbook different from the standard cookbooks. The author has included her compelling life story into this amazing recipe book. She may not be the ideal candidate for family cooking at the time, but she has blossomed into much more than her past. Learn about her walk as a transgender girl growing up in the streets of New York.

You can see how she managed to find housing, work, education issues, and much more. Her story is motivational and it will show you that even when you are paying for your mistakes, hard work and dedication can change your life. The recipe book was published in 2012, and is still loved and cherished by many.



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