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Prose & Lore: Issue 4

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Issue 4 was released on July 15, 2014.

Issue 4 includes 20 original, true, first-person stories about experiences in sex work, featuring writers from our NYC memoir writing workshops as well as distance writers who worked with our mentor editors.

Contributors include:

Annabelle Lee, April Hope, Ava Talley, Barbara R. Lee, Caty Simon, Cris Sardina, Dragonfly, Elle Stanger, Gerry Visco, Janet, Julia L., L. Synn Stern, Leigh Alanna, Lori Adorable, Paris S., Shelby May, Violet Mclean, Rachael Therein, Rei, Rita Rachaels
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“[The stories] that comprise this journal are straightforward without a lot of literary tropes or tricks yet their harsh and sticky realities pull readers in. A testament to Red Umbrella’s workshops, from which most of these works hail, they’re entertaining and edifying, even enlightening, at times. They are not by any means self-pitying stories but come from perspectives that are often humorous, seductive, pissed, confused, and psycho-sexually indignant.” – The Review Review

“…The goal is to reveal the nuance of sex work and to let those in the industry speak for themselves.” – DNAinfo New York

“It is not uncommon for the media to skew the perspective of those who have worked in the sex industry, painting a picture of bad and dangerous people, with real life stories often going unheard. But since 2009, the Red Umbrella Project, a nonprofit group based in Downtown Brooklyn, has been providing a venue and an outlet for unheard voices of American sex workers.” – Downtown Brooklyn

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