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Sex Work Non Fiction Writers Wanted


Have you always had a dream or wish to become a writer, yet you don’t know how to go about it? Do you have experience in the sex trade industry? If yes, you are precisely who the Red Umbrella Project (RedUP) is looking for. RedUP will be hosting the upcoming writer’s non-fiction writing course.

Your level of expertise does not matter; all you need is passion and enthusiasm. The becoming Writers workshop will run for eight weeks and is entirely free.

What the Workshops Will Cover

You will:-

  • Learn the memoir writing fundamentals
  • You could get an opportunity to read your work in the Red Umbrella Diaries
  • A chance to publish a hardcopy and eBook version in a literary journal containing your work, and that of other participants
  • Choosing special moment materials
  • Using fiction writing elements such as descriptions, dialogue, and voice in writing and telling stories
  • Development of a manuscript for publishing in the program anthology. The manuscript should ideally be within the range of 5 to 10 pages. You will need to type them beforehand prior to handing them in.
  • Reading and discussions of assignments will be assigned to each participant.
  • Mentorship opportunities once the workshops end to increase your skill further and help you achieve your artistic goals.

What We Require From Participants

Each participant needs to participate in the Workshops fully. We offer a safe environment where you can develop your skills to the best of your abilities.  You must therefore ensure that:-

  • You complete all assignments and submit them in a timely manner
  • Be an active participant in the sessions through reading, revision and critiquing other works
  • Ensure you are always on time for the classes
  • Maintain confidentiality pertaining to any personal disclosures
  • Respect for the class environment and fellow participants

If you have any questions regarding the classes, you can send us an email on the same, and one of our representatives will get back to you.

What You Can Expect

On day one, all the participants will meet for a one-day seminar. Subsequently, you will need to set aside 3 hours every week for the sessions. Previous graduates and former sex workers lead the sessions. (Confirm details of the writing workshops by clicking here).

You should also indicate whether you may need additional support. Such support could include transportation and facilities such as computers.

How to Apply For the Becoming Writers Classes

Applying for the Becoming Writers classes is easy.  You will need to:-

  • Fill in the application form.
  • Submit a 2 to 20-page sample of your writing in the non-fiction genre.
  • If you do not have a writing sample, submit to a 10-page article starting with…. The first time I……
  • Send your form and articles ample to our contact page. You can also mail it to our offices at the Red Umbrella Project,

(Click here for more details and timelines)

(Click here to download the application form)

Please note the following:-

  • Poetry is not acceptable as a writing sample.
  • Your sample need not cover the sex trade industry. You have leeway in the topics you can cover, but it should be within the non-fiction genre.
  • We avoid politics or cultural commentary in the sessions.
  • Adhere to the application process requirements. We will not proceed with any application without an accompanying writing sample.
  • Book a space early because the classes are only open to 12 participants.


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