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How to Sell Nudes


There are many ways to make extra money besides getting another job. You don’t have to be a stud or a bombshell to sell nudes. With the right amount of gumption, photography skills, and marketing powers, you can figure out how to sell nudes like a pro. Pay attention to each of these tips as you begin your journey.

What You Need to Sell Nudes

In order to sell nudes, you’ll need:

  • Your body
  • Quality camera equipment
  • Internet access
  • Membership to various sites

As long as you’re of age and not unwittingly including anyone who can’t consent, you can sell nude photos of yourself. All you’ll need is a decent camera, which smartphones definitely provide, and awareness of what makes for good photos. Few people will want to pay for blurry photos or ones that don’t show much.

The internet provides many outlets for selling nudes. Popular social media sites ten to have rules restricting adult content, but you can network with others about your services on these sites. Refer them to your pages on sites that do allow for adult pictures.

Some of the photos you post here can be risqué without violating site terms. For instance, a bikini or lingerie photo on Instagram can offer a glimpse at your naughtier material. Be careful with what you post. If you think there’s a more than likely chance it’ll be reported and taken down, refrain from posting it.

Selling Nudes Online 101

1. Have a Clear Concept

Your photos need to be more than just “this is me naked.” There are too many people selling nudes or giving them away for free for this method to stand out. You need to figure out what exactly makes you stand out from others.

Maybe you have a distinct body type or you do certain things in your photos? There are people who are attracted to unique things and will pay for them because they can’t find many other models doing them.

You should some research to see what types of content people most want to pay for. This could be something you’ve never thought you’d be into, but you might gain an affinity for it over time. It’s far better to have a niche that gains devoted followers than to try an be as broad as possible.

Research different kinks and fetishes and consider which ones you could do. A large part of modeling is convincing the viewer that you’re into different activities. So, if you want to model latex outfits, you need to look like you really love latex.

People are going to know if you’re just pretending to be into something. Immerse yourself into whatever your concept is, and don’t go any further if it’s a struggle to keep up the facade. Taking nude photos should never be a difficult experience, and you shouldn’t feel pressured to provide content you’re not comfortable with.

2. Take Great Photos

It’s easy to take nude photos, but it’s harder to become great at it. Everytime you review a photo you’ve taken, you should ask yourself why someone would want to pay for it. There’s a lot more to than just having a hot body.

Your smartphone can be enhanced through detachable lens and tripods. You could also get a DSLR camera and learn about its different functions. Remember that it’s not the equipment that matters as much as how you use it. Focus on your lighting and your camera angles so that your photos are dynamic.

Make sure you look your best. Glamorous and raunchy shoots both require attention to detail. Learn about proper makeup application and hairstyling. There are many online guides, including videos, that can make it look like a pro got you made up.

Think about your setting too. Great photography has space and evokes a mood through surroundings. If you’re just posed against a blank wall, people are going to be bored. Use furniture and different parts of your home space to really create an atmosphere.

Your nudes can be appreciated on multiple levels. There’s your nude body on display, but there’s also the artistry of your photos. Quality content can lead to quality customers.

3. Spread the Word

People aren’t going to just find your nudes as soon as you post them. You need to put in serious effort to gain traction. Look for places you can promote your material and find at least a few customers.

If you use Instagram, you can promote your nudes in the Stories section. Set this up so that certain people can’t see this. You might not want to explain your new business venture to your family or coworkers.

Consider starting another Instagram account, exclusively for marketing adult content. Give viewers a taste of your material without violating the site terms. Be sure to follow other models, as this will help you be seen by potential clients.

Reddit is another excellent site to use. Look for adult subreddits and share some of your best material. You might also set up your own subreddit so that people have a one-stop-shop for you and your links.

Don’t shy away from giving away some nudes for free. If they’re what people want, they’ll definitely pay for more. To protect your copyright from being violated, put watermarks on your photos that can’t be edited out. That way, if people are spreading your photos around, they’ll be easy to call out.

Your fellow models should be viewed as colleagues, not competition. Think about how you can work with each other. For instance, you could do a shoot with someone with similar content. Collaborations can really drive up interest, especially if an established model is able to lift you up.

4. Engage Your Fans

A personal experience makes buying nudes a lot more rewarding. Many of your fans will be looking for more than arousal. They also want to feel a connection. You can create this while also taking care of yourself and your boundaries.

When someone buys nudes from you or subscribes to your page, send them a personalized message. You might start to get more fans than you can keep up with, but there are other ways you can engage them.

On your site, have a section for custom photos. Detail the prices and what you will and won’t allow. This should cost more than your regular material, because it likely requires more preparation and has the exclusivity element. If you’re not comfortable with something, you can turn it down.

Find ways to make this exclusive content special. Get all the necessary information, and ask your clients about anything that needs clearing up. Consider offering exclusive videos as well, if you’re comfortable with that. Elements like referring to their buyer by name could drive them crazy in all the best ways.

5. Post Regularly

Consistency is among the most-important parts of sellig nudes. You don’t need to post every single day, but you should have a consistent schedule. Post teasers about new content so that fans can look forward to it.

If you’re going to be away for an extended period of time, let your fans know. As you build up a following, you’re also building up a network of people that care about you. It doesn’t take much time to keep them informed, and they should definitely appreciate it.

Be sure your posts aren’t becoming stale, either. You might be at a loss for inspiration. When this happens, ask your fans about what they want to see. This could really help revitalize you.

Things can come up in your life that require taking a break from selling nudes. It could be as simple as burnout, which happens even with hobbies we enjoy. Be transparent with your fans, and show your appreciation for their business. Hopefully, you won’t be away for too long.

What did you think of this guide? We really want you to have a good experience selling nudes. Making this list required deeply considering what will help you stand out. There’s no perfect formula to becoming successful through selling nudes, but we hope this helps.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments. We’re always eager to hear from readers about their experiences. Selling nudes is a thrilling way to make serious money. We hope you get a good experience from it.



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