Speak Up! Guide to Strategic Media Tools and Tactics to Amplify the Voices of People in the Sex Trades

This 35 page publication shares information, skills, and tactics for engaging with the media for those who want to achieve better and more effective media representation of people in the sex trades. The guide is geared toward people who are interested in engaging with media because they want to make change by and for people in the sex trades – both in the ways we are represented and in the institutional structures that negatively impact our lives.

This guide is the result of five years of media trainings, and many more years of saying things to the media out of anger and frustration, not strategy. To access this guide, please enter your email address below.

Speak Up! Doing Legislative Advocacy for Change in New York


This 19 page publication (PDF format) is a guide for people who wish to facilitate changes in legislation in New York City and State laws. It provides readers with information about the process of legislation in New York City and State,  why and how to make policy change, how to lobby elected officials, tips for strategic messaging, and more. First edition published April 2012.

To access this guide, please enter your email address below.


Books By RedUP Board Members

Reverend Lia Scholl, Board Chair

I Heart Sex Workers: A Christian Response to People in the Sex Trade offers another perspective, one where the characters defy stereotypes and solutions are hard to find. Author Lia Scholl firmly believes the Christian response to sex work should be one of building agency for women, through education, through fighting injustice, by listening to the voices of sex workers. The book provides a Christian answers the question, Are you my neighbor? How do we respond to a woman trading sex for a place to live tonight when she asks, “Where will I sleep?” This book discusses these issues and many more.

Melissa Ditmore, Treasurer

Prostitution and Sex Work offers a historic overview of this controversial topic—and what our views on it say about American society. Exploring key people, places, and events, the guide includes descriptions of the myriad variations of the sale of sex and of the venues where prostitution occurs, as well as recurring themes such as panics about sexually transmitted diseases and the ever-present issue of violence in the sex trade.

Encyclopedia of Prostitution and Sex Work This major 2-volume set is the first to treat in an inclusive reference what is usually considered a societal failing and the underside of sexuality and economic survival. The A-to-Z encyclopedia offers wide-ranging entries related to prostitution and the sex industry, past and present, both worldwide (mostly in the West) and in the United States.

Lori St. Kitts, Board Member

The Tax Domme’s Guide for Sex Workers and All Other Business People Essential tax information for the small business owner in every industry that will bring their tax liability to its knees. Written in language that everyone can understand, this well-rounded guide offers essential business basics and tax information that all small business owners need to know to set up, maintain and grow a successful business.