Advocacy in Action



Our Advocacy In Action workshops are designed to train and support members of our community in taking leadership in advocacy campaigns by learning the skills, developing confidence, and deepening analysis around policy issues that impact people in the sex trades. In particular, our workshops focus on developing skills in order to participate in work around the Access to Condoms Coalition’s work to ban the use of condoms as evidence of prostitution in New York City and New York State.

Workshops are led by RedUP team members and activist colleagues and are intended for both experienced and new activists.

Speak Up! Guide to Doing Legislative Advocacy for Change in New York


This 19 page publication (PDF format) is a guide for people who wish to facilitate changes in legislation in New York City and State laws. It provides readers with information about the process of legislation in New York City and State,  why and how to make policy change, how to lobby elected officials, tips for strategic messaging, and more. First edition published April 2012.

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